‘India need Hardik Pandya to win T20 World Cup’: Former England captain criticizes treatment of MI skipper by Wankhede crowd | Cricket News


NEW DELHI: As Mumbai Indians prepare for their third consecutive home match in IPL 2024, the focus shifts to the behavior of spectators at the iconic Wankhede Stadium, following scathing remarks from former England captain Michael Vaughan regarding the treatment of MI skipper Hardik Pandya by the home crowd.
Vaughan’s comments came during an appearance on The Ranveer Show on YouTube, where he expressed bewilderment at the behavior of Indian fans towards Pandya.
Despite a momentary respite during a previous match against Delhi Capitals, where Pandya was spared from booing due to the presence of children from various NGOs, Vaughan highlighted the hostility Pandya faced in other games, notably at the Wankhede Stadium.

“I don’t understand booing. I kind of got it in the first game in Gujarat, because he played for them for two years and did not do well as a captain. But then when he went to Hyderabad, I was like, ‘What’s going on.’ Then when he came back to Wankhede, his own home support was booing him. I did not understand that,” Vaughan remarked.
Acknowledging initial booing in Gujarat attributed to Pandya’s stint with the Gujarat Titans, Vaughan expressed shock at the treatment Pandya received in subsequent matches, particularly at his home ground.

In light of the upcoming T20 World Cup, Vaughan stressed the pivotal role Pandya plays in India’s quest for success in the tournament scheduled to begin in June.
“What Indian cricket fans need to understand is that Mumbai Indians are Indian fans and for India to win the T20 World Cup, they need Hardik Pandya. They need him to play well. So somehow, over the next few weeks, they need him to get that confidence level right up to the top level, because with India having Hardik flying, they have a great chance in lifting that trophy,” Vaughan asserted.
Vaughan’s statement serves as a call to action for Indian cricket fans, urging them to support and uplift Pandya’s spirit and confidence in the coming weeks of the competition. Recognizing Pandya’s potential impact, Vaughan emphasized the need for Indian fans to rally behind Pandya, as his form could significantly bolster India’s chances of clinching the T20 World Cup trophy.


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