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HYDERABAD: Among the crowd of comic enthusiasts and cosplayers at Comic Con Hyderabad was four-year-old Aman, who made his debut by cosplaying as his favourite character — Spiderman. Mimicking web-sling and the spiderman stance, the superhero-in-training delighted the crowd in the cutest way. There was also a baby ‘Monkey D Luffy’ and a cutesy minion who won hearts of the enthusiasts at Hitex Exhibition Centre in the city.
The eighth edition of Hyderabad Comic Con didn’t just see toddlers cosplaying their favourite characters, but also adults.Like Danesh Mohiuddin, Indian-Canadian cartoonist, hailing from the city, said: “Comic Con is like a huge costume party where you can also enjoy books and toys. It’s a place where adults can be kids again. It brings comics to life with the cosplays, and makes fantasy a reality for a couple of days.”
Returning with a bang after three years, Comic Con Hyderabad saw a huge crowd, with stalls of artists as well as merchandise bursting at its seams. “When you go to Comic Con, you see how diverse a world it is. You can see how passionate people are. You can meet the artists of your favourite books, and witness the behind the scenes. All of it amplifies the love for comics,” said Danesh, who got into comics five years ago.
Elaborating on the trends changing in the industry due to Comic Con, Danesh said: “In Comic Con, creators can see what’s doing well and what’s getting attention, and that can influence what type of work gets created in the industry. I do feel that readers get more involved in the industry because of Comic Con. Comic Con is both reflective of the industry and an influencer of it.”
“Comic Con fostered a sense of community and belonging for fans of niche genres. The passion and energy of cosplay groups, panel discussions, and meet-and-greets fuelled a sense of shared identity and belonging that translated into online communities and broader cultural engagement,” international colourist and designer Rico Renzi told TOI.
Webcomics a rising star
Another interesting presence at Comic Con was that of webcomics. With a boom in social media, especially Instagram, webcomics has gained a lot of popularity. Among the well-known webcomic artists is Shubham Khurana, who helms the hilariously popular Corporat Comics. “Social media has made it very easy for artists. It provided a platform to exhibit your work. Comic Con has made it easier for artists like us to interact more with the enthusiasts,” he said. Shubham Khurana, a marketer by day and an artist by night, combines his passion for sketching with the everyday chaos of corporate life.
Other than Shubham, Comic Con Hyderabad also saw an interesting lineup of Indian artists, including Akshara Ashok, illustrator of Happy Fluff comics, Abhijeet Kini, illustrator of Butterfingers and Angry Maushi and Rajesh Nagulakonda, among others.
Cosplayers shine
For many, Comic Con is all about cosplay and they spend weeks or months perfecting their costumes. One such professional cosplayer is Mumbai-based Surya Sreenivasan. Cosplaying as Brimstone, an agent in the online shooter game Valorant, Surya explained how he made his costume. “It took me nearly two months to make this costume. I mainly used foam and fabric,” said Surya, who started cosplaying in 2013.
Cosplay was a not-so popular entity for Indian audiences, but a huge change has been seen post pandemic. “After the pandemic, cosplay gained popularity. Major game companies and conventions like Comic Con started hiring professional cosplayers. Unlike a few years back, now professional cosplayers are paid very well too,” said Surya, who has a mechanical engineering background.
Similarly, Dr Taniya, a veterinarian, started cosplaying 13 years ago. Cosplaying as Valorant agent Viper, it took Mumbai-based Taniya about two months to make her costume.
Apart from games and comics characters, enthusiasts were also awed by cosplays of anime characters like Obito Uchiha, Maki Zen’in, Goku, Zoro, among others.


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