Shark Tank India 3 – Pitcher Devesh Bochre on getting a deal from Aman Gupta: He and his team have been extremely supportive, we are going international with our energy drink- Exclusive |


Devesh Bochre pitches his energy drink on Shark Tank India 3, claiming taste, affordability, and health benefits, particularly for PCOS with added inositol. Despite scepticism about health claims, sharks are impressed with packaging and taste. Devesh shared his journey and initial investment from his father. While sharks question sustainability, Aman offered Rs 10 Lakhs for 10% equity and Rs 40 Lakh as royalty until recouped.Devesh declined debt and struck a deal with Aman’s revised offer, securing investment for his brand.
In an exclusive conversation with ETimes TV, the pitcher shared his reaction on receiving a deal from Aman Gupta, Anupam’s suggestions and more.
Improved everything that Anupam sir suggested
I was quite happy with the pitch but I was quite nervous about the questions that Sharks asked me. I must say that Aman sir supported me a lot and even gave me a deal. Things have transformed for me positively and I did take all their suggestions into consideration. Everything that Anupam sir advised me to do, I learnt and improved my skills and business.
Received orders of around Rs 1cr
Now, we will have printed cans, earlier the cost of the cans was expensive but now we have also begun with international export for our energy drink. We got orders worth Rs 1cr from all over India. After Shark Tank, our brand has been getting recognized and being compared to the bigger energy drink brands. The way Sharks complimented my drink, it did boost up my sales.
Devesh received brand accusation deals
After Shark Tank, I got many investor offers, even Campa Cola had contacted me for brand accusations. Talking about Aman, his team has been constantly supporting me. We are still in the process of due diligence and the deal is all set to get finalised.

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On the major hike in business
When the episode was aired, we saw a major spike in the business. When I used to go earlier to the vendors they would give me a negative response but after the episode, the vendors have come with better deals and given a positive response to my brand.


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