Royal revelation: Prince Philip’s nickname for Meghan Markle unveiled in new book

NEW DLEHI: Prince Philip, renowned for his straightforward demeanor, was reportedly one of the few within the Royal Family who remained cautious about Meghan Markle‘s integration into the royal fold, as claimed by a royal author in a new publication.
Prince Philip reportedly had a disparaging moniker for Meghan Markle, as unveiled in a sensational snippet from an upcoming book by esteemed royal biographer Ingrid Seward.The late Philip, who passed away in 2021 at the age of 99, is said to have referred to Markle as the “Duchess of Windsor.” This label carries a biting undertone, drawing a parallel to Wallis Simpson, the controversial American socialite who married Edward VIII in 1937, prompting his abdication from the British throne.
As per a New York Post report, Seward, in her forthcoming book “My Mother And I,” suggests that Philip saw a striking resemblance between Markle and Simpson, beyond their physical attributes or American origins. Both women were previously divorced before their high-profile marriages; Markle had been married to film producer Trevor Engelson from 2011 until their separation in 2014.
Queen Elizabeth initially had a more favorable view of Markle, having “approved” of her after Prince Harry introduced them in 2017. However, the Queen did express reservations about the “too white” wedding dress Markle wore in 2018, given it was her second marriage.
Meghan and Harry’s decision to step back from their senior royal roles in January 2020 and relocate to Montecito, California, mirrors Edward VIII’s choice to leave the throne and England for a life with Simpson in France. Royal commentator Hugo Vickers highlighted the similarities between Harry and Edward VIII, noting a shared melancholy after distancing themselves from royal duties. Vickers remarked on the pursuit of perceived happiness through marriage, suggesting that true contentment often lies in fulfilling one’s duties.

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