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Internationally acclaimed sitar artiste and musician Anoushka Shankar mesmerised the audience at Shilpakala Vedika on Tuesday with her live concert. On a special homecoming leg of her tour, the nine-time Grammy-nominated performer resonated deeply with the Hyderabad crowd through personal anecdotes, genre-bending melodies, and masterful collaborations.
The concert unfolded with a poignant moment. Discussing her composition Daydreaming, Anoushka shared, “This song is my interpretation of a Carnatic lullaby, echoing my childhood filled with my mother and grandmother’s voices. And speaking of family, Hyderabad holds a special place in my heart. It’s the city where my parents were married 35 years ago today!” This revelation met with thunderous applause, set the stage for an evening steeped in emotion and artistry.

HT25Anoushka Shankar_DSC05000

Anoushka Shankar and Quintet

Accompanied by her stellar ensemble – Sarathy Korwar on drums, Arun Ghosh on clarinet, Pirashana Theverajah on mridangam and ghatam, and Tom Farmer on cello – Anoushka embarked on a musical journey. They breathed life into compositions from her new mini-album Chapter I: Forever, For Now, their synergy evident in every note. Familiar melodies from past releases like Boat to Nowhere and Traces of You were reimagined, acquiring new depths and textures through the ensemble’s virtuosity.

HT25Anoushka Shankar_DSC05257

Anoushka Shankar

The audience, packed to the rafters, witnessed some electrifying exchanges between musicians. The jugalbandis, musical duels infused with improvisation and dynamism, were a particular highlight. The sitar soared, the cello lamented, the drums echoed, and the clarinet spun soulful melodies in a mesmerising instrumental conversation.

Tom Farmer on cello

Tom Farmer on cello

“It was a spellbinding concert. Anoushka is undoubtedly a true disciple of her father, yet in some ways, she excels even Pandit Ravi Shankar ji. The fusion of Eastern and Western instruments was executed seamlessly” – Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industries & Commerce and Information Technology, Govt of Telangana


Sarathy Korwar on drums


Packed auditorium

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