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HYDERABAD: The jump in pollution levels have led to a spike in respiratory issues among people, say doctors who have been witnessing a surge in patients walking in with complaints of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and other ailments On an average, doctors TOI spoke to said that they have been attending to 40 to 50 patients every day. Cases of SARS CoV2 (Covid) too have increased, they added.
Dr Hari Kishan, a pulmonologist, said how he has been attending to patients both in the outpatient department and respiratory intensive care unit. He said: “Children are vulnerable to the harmful effects of air pollution. Thier lung growth can be disrupted by air pollutants, increasing the risk of infections, asthma, and overall poor lung development.” He added PM2.5 can significantly increase the risk of lung cancer even among the non-smoking population.
Echoing these concerns, Dr Tejas Jogi, another pulmonologist, highlighted the impact of winter smog on respiratory health. He emphasised that pollutants lingering in the atmosphere for extended periods during this season pose a heightened risk of lung issues or bronchial asthma.


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