Telangana runs sequencing tests on 40 Covid positive samples: health minister | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Telangana is currently running genome sequencing tests on 40 Covid positive samples (30 from private hospitals and 10 from government hospitals) said state health minister Damodar Rajanarsimha on Saturday. These samples have been received at the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) Hyderabad and the reports are awaited.
Suspecting the spread due to the JN.1 variant of the virus that is currently causing an increase in cases in some parts of the world, the health ministry is assessing the preparedness for dealing with an increase in cases.Even as Telangana recorded 12 new cases on Saturday and tested 1200 samples, a target of 4000 tests per day has been set up.
During the meeting held with top officials of the state health department, medical superintendents of the government tertiary hospitals and lab incharge from the CDFD, the minister asked officials to ensure that all non functional PSA (oxygen) plants be made functional at the earliest. Any gaps in ventilators and their functionality has to be monitored. The minister asked all heads of departments to draw up lists of consumables, equipment, drugs, diagnostics etc and submit these to the TSMSIDC.
“All 34 Government RTPCR labs have a capacity of testing 16,500 sample per day. In addition to 34 Govt RTPCR labs, there are 84 Private RTPCR labs in the state. TSMSIDC will procure and supply RTPCR kits, VTMs etc. to all the facilities,” read an official statement from the minister’s office.
The minister also said that a total of 6,344 samples have been collected in the last fortnight and testing will be ramped up by the end of the month to achieve a target of 4,000 tests per day. The minister has also asked officials to draw up a list of CSR donations during the last four years and submit a status report on them.

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