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HYDERABAD: The probe into the murder of an unknown brunt body of a woman, led to Kamareddy district police unearthing the death of three more members, including a twin sibling, of the same family. Shockingly, two more persons of the same family are missing and police have doubts about their survival.
The deceased who were identified by the district police are twins- Chatrika,8, and Chatrik,8- and their 36-year-old father Prasad’s sisters- Shravani,26, and Swapna,21.
On December 14, at Sadasivanagar in Kamareddy district, local police found a dead body of a woman in burnt condition. When they verified the records of the missing women and contacted local villagers in the nearby villages, police did not get any leads. After sustained verification of CCTV footage upto 50 kms, police zero down on the car based on suspicion. When the vehicle owner was contacted and based his information by speaking to a chain of persons, they took an youngster and another person into custody as suspects.
When the probe was being done, the investigators found that one week prior to December 14, another woman was found dead in a similar condition with burn injuries at Chegunta in Medak district.
“After sustained interrogation, the suspects after being in denial mode, admitted the murder which took place in Sadasivapet and tried to project it as a case of murder for her ornaments. But they were in denial about the murder in Chegunta. Finally, we found that both the murders are linked and they are sisters of Prasad,’’ highly credible sources involved in the probe told TOI.
It was then police came to know about the identities of two sisters. Meanwhile, police found that the unknown dead bodies of two children found a few days before December 14, in a sack at a bride in Nizamabad they happened to be the niece and nephew of the two murdered sisters. The victims’ house was found locked.
When police grilled the suspects about the motive, prima-facie they came to know that property dispute between Prasad and his close acquaintance might be the reason.
“As Prasad was having problems in raising a loan against his ancestral property, he got the property transferred in the name of an acquaintance, who promised to take loan and give it to Prasad. After the transfer of property, Prasad felt cheated since his friend did not take loan and refused to transfer back the property,’’ sources said.
Prasad’s trusted person allegedly decided to retain it since the property is already transferred in the name of later. It was in the last week of November, Prasad was last seen. As of now, police got leads about the missing Prasad and his wife Sanvika and police have doubts about their survival. Though there are few leads under what circumstances Prasad had gone missing, officials are clueless about his wife, who is last reportedly traced at a bridge in Basara along with suspects.
The dead body which was found in Sadasivanagar was Swapna and in Chegunta it was her sister Shravani, who was killed. The probe into these murders is still being done and nearly 5 suspects are questioned.


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