Posing as I-T officials, 8 raid Mumbai jewellery businessman, seize 18 lakh; held | India News


MUMBAI: Taking a cue from the 2013 film ‘Special 26’, eight people posing as income tax (I-T) officials recently ‘raided’ the home of an imitation jewellery businessman in Sion and ‘seized’ Rs 18 lakh.
Aided by CCTV footage, the police arrested the suspects in a couple of days. The police said one of the arrested men, Rajkumar Gujjar, was a friend of the businessman’s grandson and was told by one of the gang members, Abhay Kasle, that Sushant Lohar, the main accused, was in the I-T department and providing a tip for a raid would fetch a 10% commission.
Gujjar allegedly told Kasle that the family of businessman Ram Kuber Patwa had received Rs 10 crore in cash as part of a property deal.
In the case of the fake raid on the Patwas, the raiding party even prepared a fake panchnama and told the family to await an I-T notice.
Besides Lohar, his “recruiting agent” Kasle and the man “hired” for the raid, Gujjar, the police arrested Santosh Patle, Rajaram Mangle, Amardeep Sonawane, Sharad Ekavade and Bhaurao Ingle (52) for the fake raid. The police said they were yet to recover the Rs 18 lakh taken away by the gang.
The police seized a car and a fake identity card used in the crime. They found two photographs of Ekavade and Sonawane wearing police uniforms, which the accused claimed were for side roles of policemen they did in a crime serial. The police said Gujjar had told Kasle that the Patwas had sold a large property in their hometown of Sultanpur, UP, and had received Rs 10 crore in cash.
The complaint was filed by Shrilata Patwa, the daughter of the businessman, and Gujjar was a friend of her son.
The Patwas contacted their chartered accountant, Abdul Faiz, who told them they had been duped as the I-T department never conducted raids in this fashion. The Patwas then lodged a complaint of cheating, forgery and criminal breach of trust against uknown persons.


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