Lokayukta orders on tampering revenue records: AP CCLA dismisses a tahsildar and VRO from service | Hyderabad News


HYDERABAD: Following orders from AP Lokayukta Justice P Lakshman Reddy directing the state’s chief commissioner of land revenue (CCLA) to look into the issue of tampering of revenue records in Prakasam district, the CCLA examined the same and dismissed a Tahsildar and village revenue officer (VRO) after finding irrefutable evidence against them. The CCLA obtained reports from the RDO and the district collector, conducted detailed disciplinary proceedings after framing charges in 10 cases of unauthorised entries in revenue records that unduly helped private individuals, concluded that the duo were found guilty and accordingly dismissed Tahsildar KVRV Prasad Rao and VRO M Danielfor the illegal entries they made in respect of a scores of land parcels in Dornala mandal in Prakasam district.Prakasam district collector informed this to Lokayukta office and also said that they rectified the errors in the records and restored the original status of the land in tune with the directions of Lokayukta.
Justice Lakshman Reddy in his order appreciated the prompt action taken by CCLA G Sai Prasad and Prakasam district collector A S Dinesh Kumar and reiterated his recent directive that it is not sufficient to rectify the revenue records in such cases and also wanted the state to go in for stringent penal action against incorrigible revenue officials whose actions run counter to the intentions of the state government. In the current case, the complainant J Venkateswarlu, a resident of Kadaparajupalli of the district who kept on fighting against the wrong actions of the revenue officials in a steadfast manner, too was appreciated for bringing the issue to the notice of judicial authorities. The Lokayukta office remains dedicated to promoting transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct within the public administration, and encourages citizens to report any instances of corruption for appropriate action, said T Venkateswara Reddy, director (legal), AP Lokayukta office.


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