Air Force Officer recalls encounter with ‘huge square UFO’


NEW DELHI: A former Air Force Security Officer said that several military personnel observed a “floating red square, the size of a football field,” hovering over a US airbase.
The officer also disclosed that the UFO made a second appearance later on the same day.
Twenty years ago workers at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, a site now known for Elon Musk’s SpaceX launches were astonished by the sighting of a red object, over 100 meters wide, hovering in the air above them.
This 2003 incident came to light during a Congressional hearing on UFOs in July, when former US Navy fighter pilot Lt. Ryan Graves provided sworn testimony, Daily Star reported.
Lt. Graves described the event to politicians, in a retelling of the incident, that the object approached the base from the ocean and “remained for 45 seconds or so before darting off over the mountains.”
“Later in the evening, post-sunset, there were reports of other sightings on base including some aggressive behaviours,” He added.
Appearing on Lt. Graves’ podcast, Merged, a new military source has stepped forward to delve into the UFO sightings, providing additional details about its second appearance at the base. Jeff Nuccetelli, a former Air Force Security Officer, was working as a senior patrolman stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base on October 14, 2003.
According to Jeff, he arrived for his shift change at Vandenberg Air Force Base after the first sighting had occurred, to which Lt Graves had testified. He said he “knew something was up”, something unusual when he arrived because about a dozen people were gathered around the smoke pit, eagerly awaiting him.
“Everybody is talking all at once about this UFO event that happened that morning,” he said. Jeff was told that at around 8.45am three contractors from Boeing witnessed a “gigantic floating red square” flying at low altitude above launch facility 21 and 10 as they stood and watched it.
The flight chief and the senior patrolman, who were on duty during the sighting, informed Jeff that they had responded by driving out to meet with the contractors but found nothing. However, they obtained written sworn statements from the three workers and a statement from the technical sergeant who received their call.
Jeff said that he had the technical sergeant’s statement but lost the contractors’ statements in 2012. According to his recollection, the workers described the UFO as a “flattened square plane and basically just a big square object the size of a football field slowly flaunting over the launch pad”.
Initially, Jeff thought his colleagues might be playing a prank, but as they updated him on the morning’s events, he became excited, realising the gravity of the situation. He explained that, “This is not a joke, these are contractors with top-secret clearances not playing a prank.”
Later in the day, the UFO made a second appearance, Jeff revealed it was “like a movie.” Dispatchers received a radio transmission from the security guys at the “Slick 4” launch site reporting “strange lights” over the ocean.
The security team at the launch site reported an object moving erratically, getting closer, and then, according to Jeff, “all hell breaks loose.”
He said, “They start screaming over the radio ‘It’s coming right at us! It’s coming right for us! Now it’s right here! It was hard to hear because they were screaming and they were scared.”
According to the Daily Star, Jeff described the situation as chaotic when dispatchers attempted to gather more information. Eventually, it settled down somewhat when they reported that the object had flown off. By the time Jeff reached the site, the UFO had disappeared, but he conducted interviews with approximately six people who had been present during the incident.
He said, “Basically what they described was this object came in, was moving strangely, erratically. It got bigger and brighter as it came in.”
“Then it came at a high rate of speed and flew right up to the entry control point, and stopped. And they all stared at it. And it just shot off, “he added.
Jeff, while not witnessing the UFO himself, had no doubts about what his colleagues had told him at the time. “These guys are trained observers, they’re posted out there 24/7. They know what aircraft look like, they know what fishing boats look like. I didn’t feel like they were just jumping the gun because there had been a UFO,” he said.
He said that it’s improbable that either of the UFO sightings that day involved testing new military technology. Jeff clarified that “The military typically does not test technology on an active base because the potential for a disaster to happen is so high,” he explained.
He has shared his testimony with the Pentagon’s UFO desk, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), stating that they are genuinely interested in investigating the matter.
He also estimates that around 80 people might have witnessed the floating square UFO and is actively attempting to locate these witnesses to gather additional accounts, Daily Star reported.
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