Woman’s 90s Kids’ Favourite Meal Makes Twitter Nostalgic

It happens with all of us. We look at a typical kids’ party meal and nostalgia kicks in. All 90s kids shared a similar tray of meal in every birthday party and we all still cherish it with all our heart. A woman recreated a kids-special party meal and nostalgic internet users are raving about it with a stream of emotions. The two plates loaded with guilt-ridden foods will make anyone salivate and remember their childhood. Warning: The meal has all processed foods, so if you are health-conscious, look at this picture at your own discretion. 

Twitter user Paige Whalley from Liverpool, England, posted the photo of the kiddie meal and captioned it with – “Some may say wifey material some may say childish”.

Take a look – 

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The picture shows all indulgent foods, ranging from potato waffles and fried alphabet potatoes to mini pizzas, spring rolls, baked beans bowl and noodles. We can also see some interesting condiments paired with the meal. 

The Twitter post struck a chord with many other users. It got 26.7k likes and more than 1k retweets and comments so far. One user called it “heaven,” another named it the “greatest tea ever made”.

Another user commented, “For 90s kids, that is the dinner of kings!” Another user called it “Therapy”.

Here are some of the Twitter reactions for the post: 

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Are you also tempted to gorge on such goodies like we are? Here are some kids-friendly recipes you can try making right now to whet your craving.

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