The Small-Town Designer Whose Creation Made It To International Red Carpet



Meet The Small-Town Designer Whose Creation Made It To This International Red Carpet

Pradeep Bhatt is a final year student of NIFT Kangra.

How often does a struggling artist get a breakthrough because of a celebrity’s intervention? Well, it may be a rare incident but it’s not impossible. Comedian and actor Vir Das recently attended the International Emmy Awards in an outfit designed by a student of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). Pradeep Bhatt, who is in his fourth and final year of Bachelor of Design, hails from Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Despite being a college student, Pradeep Bhatt’s creation has made it to the international red carpet, thanks to Vir Das. 

In photos from the event, we see Vir Das wearing a black and white ensemble. He wrote, “Did not want to go with a fancy foofoo designer for the Emmys. Put a post out saying if you’re struggling or studying, I would buy and wear your design.” He added, “Proud to wear your first originals buddy. Hope this is the beginning of a wonderful future for you! This outfit will soon be auctioned for charity.” The post was reposted by Pradeep Bhatt on his own Instagram account.

Pradeep Bhatt also shared a snapshot of Vir Das’ post on Instagram Stories and wrote, “I am to take him to the Emmys. Just like I am at the Emmys. We are here together.”

Later, Vir Das reposted the Stories and said, “World. Meet Pradeep”.

In an earlier Instagram update, Vir Das had announced that he would outsource his Emmy ensemble and styling to Pradeep Bhatt. He showcased the aspiring designer’s introductory message and wrote, “I wanted to introduce someone struggling and new to the world. World meet Pradeep.”

Pradeep Bhatt is a student of NIFT Kangra. In an earlier Instagram post, she said that he had no mentor to convince him to follow design studies. His parents do not fully understand his career choice, but he plans on “making them proud.”

The design student added that he had dreamed of becoming a designer since the 7th grade. He also aims to become a creative director like Olivier Rousteing. “I found my ground myself,” he wrote in the message and added that his ambitions are “far-fetched but not impossible at all.” 

Pradeep Bhatt suffers from Keratoconus – an eye disease that affects the structure of the cornea, resulting in loss of vision. During a chat session with Brut Original, he opened up about the condition and how it affects him daily basis. 

Vir Das’ post on encouraging young talent was loved by celebrities like Hrithik Roshan. Mr Bhatt also received a lot of praise when he reposted Vir Das’ announcement on his page. He captioned it, “Using your influence, leading by actions not just words and changing lives, here is Vir Das for you all.” He added, “This is so important for me and people who come from small cities with giant dreams, this will give hope to them as it has given to me. “

Aspirants from small cities can only look up to examples such as this.

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