“PM’s Focus Was Bengal, Not Oxygen”: On Covid, Rahul Gandhi’s Swipe


–>New Delhi:

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday released a white paper to help the government prepare for a third wave of Covid infections – something experts agree is likely to be inevitable.

Mr Gandhi, who has been fiercely critical of several aspects of the government’s vaccination policy, said the paper was a “blueprint on how to react to the third wave… to provide the government with information and insight on what went wrong (handling the second wave)”.

“It is pretty clear the third wave is coming. The virus is constantly mutating… Aim of the white paper is to show the road (ahead). We have discussed it with experts and developed four pillars,” he said.

“Central pillar is vaccination. It is very important that we have aggressive vaccination and have 100 % vaccination,” he said, adding, “The government must be prepared… have hospitals, oxygen, meds ready.”

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