Mother’s Day: Kiss Is How A Seal Mom, Pup Recognize Each Other. See Here



Mother's Day: A Kiss Is How A Seal Mom, Pup Recognize Each Other. See Here

Mother’s Day Image: A kiss is how a seal mom and pup recognize each other


  • Mother’s Day 2021 is on 9th May
  • This is the second Mother’s Day being celebrated amid Covid-19 pandemic
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day at home amid the pandemic

Mother’s Day, that special day of the year, is on 9th May. Even though there is a horrific pandemic around and we are mostly homebound, nothing stops us from enjoying the day at home with the special person in our lives – mother. Films, cute videos, nice finger food and sips of mother’s favourite drink can be the perfect ingredients for a nice and cozy evening on Mother’s Day. We have found a few lovely videos for you. Do you know how seal mums recognize their pups or how other animal mothers help their babies get on their own?  Wildlife filmmaker Bertie Gregory filmed an extraordinary video of a seal baby and its mother uniting in the freezing Canadian Arctic.

Humpback whales and their babies make an interesting subject for wildlife photographers. Born into some of the most beautiful blue waters of the subtropics, mother whales and babies spend around a year together before the little ones are able to be on their own. Typically four to five meters in length, they are cute, endearing and a little frisky. They spend most of their first few weeks learning to navigate with their mothers. See here a mother humpback whale with her calf in the waters off Rarotonga, Cook Islands. These calves spend approximately one year with their moms.


Mother’s Day Image: A mother humpback whale with her calf

Mother’s Day celebrations go back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. To the Greeks, it was a day of paying homage to the great goddess Rhea, the wife of Cronus and the mother of Zeus. In Roman mythology, she’s known as Cybele, the universal mother of humans, animals and plant life.

Wish you a happy Mother’s Day in advance!

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