Married While Distancing: Bride & Groom Use Sticks To Exchange Garlands



Married While Social Distancing: Bride & Groom Use Sticks To Exchange Garlands

Bride and groom using bamboo sticks to exchange their wedding garlands.

Be it planned holidays, quiet family vacations, or festive to private celebrations — the coronavirus pandemic has sent everybody’s plans haywire. However, some people have found innovative, and sometimes hilarious, ways to stick to their plans. A new video surfaced on social media websites showing the lengths a bride and a groom went to, to ensure social distancing during their wedding ceremony.

Shared by Dipanshu Kabra, the additional transport commissioner of Chhattisgarh, on Twitter, the video shows a man and a woman using bamboo sticks to exchange their wedding garlands. Both of them can also be seen wearing masks.

In a post sharing the video from the wedding, the IPS officer said he wondered to what extent event managers go to successfully arrange a wedding in the time of the coronavirus.

Though many people found the video hilarious, there were others who questioned the urgency of scheduling such events during a pandemic, saying that there was no harm in postponing weddings for some time.

During the pandemic, the concept of big, fat Indian weddings has been replaced with small, intimate ceremonies that only involve family and close friends due to restrictions put in place by state governments on the number of guests. Though experts have advised it is better to postpone events that involve gathering of people, small ceremonies are being held following Covid protocols like wearing a mask, social distancing and using sanitisers.

An report said that the wedding ceremony happened in Bihar’s northern Begusarai district on April 30. Quoting the families of the bride and the groom, the report added that less than 50 people were present during the ceremony and the rituals were done following the guidelines issued by the authorities.

Nonetheless, the wedding has become a talk of the town and the video has been shared by many on social media.

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