First Will Smith, Now Mark Wahlberg: The Rise Of The ‘Dad Bod’



First Will Smith, Now Mark Wahlberg: The Rise Of The 'Dad Bod'

Mark Wahlberg, before and after (Image courtesy: @markwahlberg)


  • Mark Wahlberg shared before-after pics of his transformation
  • His weight gain is for a film
  • Will Smith also shared a candid pic of himself

New Delhi:

It wasn’t that long ago that Mark Wahlberg’s extreme fitness regime left a wake of dropped jaws. But no longer. These days, Mark Walhberg is not waking up at 4 am or other ungodly hours to work out; in fact, he isn’t working out at all. The 49-year-old actor is now rocking a ‘dad bod,’ his abs and chiselled physique a thing of the past – albeit recent, just three weeks it seems. In a post shared on his Instagram, Mark posted a before-after comparison of himself. “From left photo 3 weeks ago to this, now,’ he wrote. The photos speak for themselves – the transformation (for a film) is because of “chef Lawrence Duran’s cooking,” per Mark Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg’s dad bod seems to be thrilling those beholding it. “And it looks just as hot in person baby,” commented the actor’s wife Rhea. ‘You wear mad chubby well, homie,” wrote actor and TV personality Mario Lopez.

See Mark Wahlberg’s post here:

It isn’t clear which film Mark Wahlberg is gaining all this weight for and apparently he still has some kilos to go.

The Spenser Confidential‘s post is a sequel of sorts to Will Smith’s recent revelation that he is currently in the “worst shape” of his life. The Men In Black star shared a very candid photo of himself this week, writing: “”I’m gonna be real wit y’all – I’m in the worst shape of my life.” Like Mark, Will is now minus the abs and muscles (unlike Mark, it’s not for a film).

Will Smith has been praised in the comments for keeping it real and honest. As he explained in the post below, “this is the body that carried (him) through the pandemic.” He is, however, now going to get back into shape – correction, make that the “best shape” of his life.

Welcome to the real world, Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg.

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